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Welcome to DropXpressZA , your number 1 source for all your toys and games needs!

We are committed to providing you with the best and most reliable e commerce service for your toys and games in South Africa. We are dedicated to giving you the very best service, with a focus on reliability, customer service and speed.

Founded in 2023 by a group of seasoned professionals in the e commerce industry, DropXpressZA has come a long way from its beginnings. When we first started out, our passion for helping parents and families to overcome their toy shopping challenges which drove us to do intense research and gave us the persistence to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming e commerce store.

We serve our customers all over South Africa and are thrilled to be part of the fair trade wing of the toy industry. We aim to make toys more accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone. Our services cater for both parents and families, offering differentiated products, efficient delivery and personalised games for everyone.

Our team composed of skilled professionals who are dedicated to making your shopping experience as seamless as possible. We understand the importance of getting your quality package on time and in perfect condition. That is exactly why we work round the clock to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

In world where online shopping is important part of daily life, we stand as a reliable partner to unsure that your goods are delivered on time and in the best condition possible.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us. We promise to deliver you excellent quality products at the right price and time. But we not only promise great products but we also promise exceptional service.

At DropXpressZA we are truly a toy sanctuary that delivers smiles to your young one.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The DropXpressZa team

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals around the clock a ensure a seamless shopping experience for all our customers.

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